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JHFS provides parents a connection-based approach to parenting to help them find more joy and ease in parenting and restore a healthy &  safe connection to the family.  We help parents connect and bring safety to the child’s system to restore balance, connection and set behavior back on track.


The types of issues addressed in the parenting relationship:

  • building cooperation
  • setting limits & expectations
  • sleep issues
  • off track behaviors & tantrums


The Science Behind  Parenting – connection

We are currently raising children at a time when there is an abundance of research, information and outcome data regarding how our brains are wired and what children need.

  • children seek closeness, comfort and contact from their parents
  • they are neurologically wired to seek this emotional connection
  • when they are feeling connected, their emotional systems feel safe & secure
  • when safe & secure, in this emotionally connected place, children behave better


The Science Behind Emotional Dysregulation: Why does my child lose it?


Children are neurologically wired to seek out emotional connection

When our children feel emotionally connected to us, they:

Laura Santomauro, LMFT's alma mater, Fairfield University

  • can access their inner resources
  • are not flooded with emotion and have access to their rational, thinking brain
  • have better ability to find solution, learn and remain open to our parental influence
  • have better impulse control
  • are better at delayed gratification
  • are more able to attune to others and demonstrate empathy
  • can remember and follow rules more consistently
  • are naturally more cooperative


Parenting by Connection

We help parents learn and implement strategies that help them:

  • be more attuned to their children
  • increase responsiveness to their child’s needs
  • increase a sense of safety, connection and belonging

Through specific interventions we help parents understand:

  • the purpose behind children’s behavior
  • how to create connection & safety
  • how to respond and handle difficult behavior
  • how to help children with “off track” behavior
  • how to set limits and build cooperation

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The expert:  Patty Wipfler, Hand-In-Hand Parenting

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