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ReConnecting Your Relationship

All relationships experience distress from time to time.  We can become trapped in a negative cycle that prevents our loved ones from hearing our relational needs, giving responsiveness and over time, this can create distrust, disconnect and chip away at our felt sense of safety in our relationship.

  • JHFS can help your relationship get back on track.  We provide Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples in distress. Whether your relationship has experienced an attachment injury, such as an affair, substance abuse or other primal hurts, or you are simply seeking to strengthen your bond and protect your attachment, we service the entire spectrum of relational crisis & need to help you get re-connected.


EFT: emotionally focused therapy

EFT is considered the most effective form of couple’s therapy.  In EFT we help couples understand the negative pattern that has taken over their relationship and how it impacts things like effective communication, safety, trust, connection and intimacy.

  • We help couple’s create corrective experiences by tuning into the underlying emotional stories (feeling afraid, alone, rejected, not good enough) that sometimes drive more reactive behavior (yelling, criticism, defensiveness, shutting down, stonewalling).


EFT facts:

  • EFT has empirical data supporting its efficacy
  • 70-75% of couples report improvement
  • EFT has a road map for therapy
  • the couple completes 3 distinct Stages of treatment
  • EFT focuses on where couples get stuck in order to change negative patterns into more positive interactions

EFT  treatment goals are:

  • to reduce distress in relationships (stage 1: de-escillation)
  • identify negative pattern in which couple is stuck (stage 1)
  • create reconnection between partners  (stage 1 & 2: creating bonding moments & events)
  • create a safe environment for couples
  • create more secure attachment bonds between partners (stage 2 & 3)
  • integration & consolidation of new secure bond between partners (stage 3)

How is EFT different than other couple therapies?

  • Certified EFT therapists receive years of specific training
  • EFT is rooted in attachment theory
  • EFT provides EFT therapists with a road map for therapy
  • The road map takes couples through distinct stages of therapy
  • Each stage focuses on specific relational changes
  • EFT identifies negative cycle in which couples are stuck
  • EFT creates changes in dynamic, not just behavior


How Relationships Get STUCK – George Faller, LMFT


What Happens When We Are Disconnected


Why Attachment?

Adult attachment relationships are believed to have the same survival function as the mother-child bond, since ideally these attachments can provide the same love, comfort, support, and protection throughout the lifespan.
  • love
  • comfort
  • support
  • protection
However, due to our relationship histories, and the negative patterns we get into with our partners, many of us have difficulties with trust and expressing emotion to those who mean the most to us.
Let us help you fight the negative pattern enemy in your relationship.


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