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We Can Help You Find Solutions. Hole Family Solutions is the premier counseling & therapy provider in Jackson Hole. We treat a wide variety of human issues.


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Laura Santomauro, LMFT

WELCOME.  Whether you come seeking strength or healing, we know making the decision to begin counseling is a big step.  We want to take this step with you and hold you in feeling safe & secure in asking any necessary questions to guide you on your way. Please complete a brief questionnaire to receive a preliminary consultation by a licensed mental health professional:

  • Help clarify specific counseling needs based on your information
  • Determine the appropriate type of counseling for your issue
  • Have your questions answered before entering counseling
  • All contact will remain confidential & is bound by code of ethics

A confidential consultation is NOT a binding contract for therapy

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Our Services

We provide individual, couple and family therapy.  To learn more about our specific therapy modalities, please click on the corresponding link:

Our staff holds advanced training and certification in the most effective forms of therapy for couples and families, in addition to providing the most efficacious services for individuals.  Please contact us directly for a free confidential consult and a licensed professional will respond.



Meet Our Staff

All our staff is trained and/or certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples.  We pride ourselves in providing cutting edge approaches, proven to be most effective in treatment.

In addition, each therapist has a unique stylistic approach and area of expertise in order to provide our clients with the best fit and quality service to meet their needs.


About JHFS

  • Conveniently located in town, we are easily assessable with plenty of parking with a variety of scheduling options.  Our primary goal is to create a safe atmosphere where we can collaboratively explore presenting issues and work towards resolution for you, your relationship, your family.
  • Our belief is that the best therapy experience is one where clients feel our openness, genuine authenticy and warmth in the therapeutic relationship and our hope is to craft that relationship with you.


  • We service Jackson Hole and surrounding areas including Dubois, Alpine, Star Valley, Pinedale and Victor/Driggs, Idaho.
  • Our staff of therapists is comprised of licensed Marriage & Family Therapists and licensed clinical Social Workers, with advanced training and certification in couples and family therapy.



Advanced Training & Certifications – Couples & Families

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples

Emotionally Focused Therapy, EFT, is a specific treatment modality for couples in distress. We look at ongoing dynamics and patterns that continue a negative cycle resulting in feelings of disconnection. The overall goal is to deconstruct these patterns and reconstruct new patterns resulting in connection, intimacy and safety. width=Typical Couple Issues that EFT can help with:

  • marital distress
  • lack of communication
  • distance – conflict 
  • disconnection
  • lack sexual intimacy
  • infidelity
  • substance abuse
  • Sex/pornography addiction


Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT)

EFFT is a type of therapy where we focus with families on restoring family bonds and promote resiliency.  In understanding the family distress, we work from an attachment perspective with emphasis on understanding the emotional dynamics that feed into certain family dynamics.  We experientially engage the entire family system and promote new daily interactions which decrease relational rigidity and distress.

Our goals are aimed at building strong and cohesive families from the inside out.  We find deeper emotional engagement and shared attachment needs and work through the relational injuries that occur with all families.


JHFS Commitment To Quality Care

LET US HELP YOU.  JHFS is committed to serving and providing you and your family with the quality care you deserve.  All our practices are rooted in the most effective form of therapy which is also supported by the research.

JH Family Solutions provides services to Jackson Hole, Alpine, Pindedale, Victor, Idaho and Driggs, Idaho. Serving all local communities, it is our commitment to deliver quality services for therapy and counseling to individuals, couples and families. width= INDIVIDUAL THERAPY

  • We believe in developing a sense of personal balance and sense of empowerment to help guide and direct decision making and healing.


  • Our beliefs in Attachment Theory are reflected through EFT, in which a sense of safety within marriages provide us with the ability to communicate our most vulnerable needs and fears to our partner creating a secure attachment and strong connection.


  • Our commitment is to develop strong & healthy families where each member contributes to form a cohesive unit fostering safety and support for all.  Our focus in on attachment between parents and children in development of a safe & supportive environment where parents can respond and protect children while also providing limits and boundaries. In other words, we help families become a secure haven for development.


  • We help parents create and maintain a safe, secure, connected relationship within their family system. It is this type of Parenting By Connection that allows children to grow, utilize their resources and abilities and thrive in our world.